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Europe wide organisations

Profession Regulator Professional Body Alerts Ministry of Health
Arts therapists European Music Therapy Confederation
Biomedical scientists European Association for Professions in Biomedical Science
Chiropodists / Podiatrists
Chiropractors European Chiropractors' Union
Clinical scientists
Dentists Conference of Orders and Assimilated Bodies of Dental Practitioners in Europe (CODE)
Dietitians European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians
Doctors Standing Committee of European Doctors
Hearing aid dispensers
Medical Scientists
Midwives European Midwives Association
Nurses European Federation of Nurses Associations
European Federation of Nursing Regulators (FEPI)
Occupational therapists Council of Occupational Therapists for the European Countries
Operating department practitioners
Optometrists / Opticians European Council of Optometry and Optics
Orthoptists Scandinavian Orthoptic Association
Osteopaths Forum for Osteopathic Regulation in Europe
Paramedics European Association of Emergency Medical Technicians & Paramedics
Pharmacists Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union
Physiotherapists European Region - World Confederation for Physical Therapy
Prosthetists & Orthotists
Psychologists European Federation of Psychologists' Associations
Social workers
Speech & language therapists Standing Liaison Committee of EU Speech and Language Therapists & Logopedists

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