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Profession Regulator Professional Body Alerts Ministry of Health
Arts therapists Israeli Association of Creative & Expressive Therapies
Biomedical scientists
Chiropodists / Podiatrists Israeli Podiatric Medical Association
Chiropractors Israeli Chiropractic Society
Clinical scientists
Dentists Israel Dental Association
Dietitians Israel Dietetic Association
Doctors Israel Medical Association
Ministry of Health
Hearing aid dispensers
Medical Scientists
Nurses Ministry of Health (Nursing Division)
National Association of Nurses in Israel
Occupational therapists Israeli Organisation of Occupational Therapy
Israeli Society of Occupational Therapy
Operating department practitioners
Optometrists / Opticians Israel College of Optometrists
Pharmacists Pharmaceutical Association of Israel
Physiotherapists Israeli Association of Physiotherapists
Israeli Organization of Physiotherapists
Prosthetists & Orthotists
Psychologists Israel Psychological Association
Social workers
Speech & language therapists Israeli Speech, Hearing and Language Association

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